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Here to help you create a narrative around your brand and to help your organisation engage with that.


abc ltd. is Alastair Barber Communications Limited. Alastair delivers consultancy projects either working alone or leading a bespoke team drawn from his associate network.

Alastair has a unique understanding of how to use internal communications to build business cohesion.

Collette Dunkley

MD Global Marketing and Communications, Barclays Wealth

The branded strategy for nursing and midwifery, created a social movement. It transformed the nurses’ belief and restored their pride.

Fay Baillie

Director of Nursing, Birmingham, Solihull and the Black Country, NHS England

Projects are created with clients so each one is unique. Often, though, they include one or more of the following elements...

Brand narrative


What is it that makes the brand of your company, product or strategy uniquely what it is? Deconstructing the elements of a brand creates the building blocks for a narrative that is accessible to everyone: a story relevant in terms that anyone can naturally relate to their own character, perspective and experience.


Narrative research


Research into the perspectives and beliefs of people working within an organisation can often be shallow, uninformative and reinforce the bias of those commissioning the project. By basing research on narrative techniques, unimagined results emerge that inspire insight, spark innovation and inform decision making.


Narrative engagement


What’s the point of ‘internal communications’ unless people in your organisation are going to think or do something different? Models for how people learn can be used to create a neutral space where people are enabled to explore their own assumptions, habits and actions in a conscious and informed way.


Narrative training


Often managers are asked to ‘deliver content’ without any regard for their individual skills, experience or aptitude. By all means ask people to tell a story in their own words, to welcome challenge and debate – but they will only become comfortable and competent if they have the right coaching and practice.


Alastair ran a one-day values workshop for us. As an engineer by training I admit that I tend to approach such things with a certain level of cynicism but I was very pleasantly surprised by the session. Alastair helped us to take a step back and define what was important to us as a company, and I am glad to say it has continued to inform our thinking when taking key decisions.

Dr Greg Law

CEO, Undo Software

The research report had a huge impact and was a key prompt for a major industry event we organised. The research has fed into a number of areas and will inform some EU-wide work that we are about to start looking at modernising Higher Education provision.

Dr. Kion Ahadi

Head of Research and Evaluation, Creative Skillset

The engagement programme was incredibly successful and received significant positive feedback from staff, managerial and Board colleagues, forming a platform for the development of a range of improvement activities. The information we gathered was way above our expectation and has incredible potential for driving our employee engagement further.

Dr. Sarah Woolley

Director of Safety and OD, Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust

Alastair took a group with widely varying personalities, roles and experience and helped them become a team of dynamic, engaging presenters and facilitators. These 40 ambassadors ended up being instrumental in the roll out and engagement of our long term strategy far beyond a one off delivery.

Karen Geary

Head of People, Sage Group

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If you are genuinely looking to challenge your organisation, to improve performance by doing  things differently, then I’d recommend Alastair.

Phil Arkinstall

Senior E-Commerce Manager, AXA

I was..incredibly impressed with Alastair’s own communication skills. He easily and fluidly adapted his own style so he was able to talk to challenging people with conviction and confidence, and never failed to get their buy in.

Cait Allen

Head of Communications, Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency